Model Portfolio What To Wear


The most suitable clothing for model portfolio is something very simple but stylish at the same time. Basically, it is casual usual clothing that you will easily find in your wardrobe.

Here is a rough list of basic clothing. You do not have to bring all things from the list to the shoot. It is just a brief guidance of outfits that might look great on the photos.

If you find at least a quarter of items from the list in your wardrobe, congratulations, you have everything you need for s great photo shoot!


Simple black / white / beige bra.

Body (if you have one) or a swimsuit.

T-shirts, shirts and tops:


White / black / gray / pastel pink / pastel blue / wine / beige color t-shirts
Crop tops of solid colors like black / maroon / beige etc

Oversize white / black / light blue shirt (can be found at your dad’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe)

Poloneck (turtleneck)

Any solid color blouses with interesting texture

Long jackets of black or white color
Jeans jackets


Sweater – knitted cozy sweaters. Any colors but bright.

Oversize sweaters (so that you could pose wearing only sweater and underwear that is covered by sweater)

Knitted stockings or socks white / brown / beige

Large cozy scarf

Jeans and pants:

Skinny jeans of black / gray / blue / light blue / light pink / white color
Boyfriend jeans of light blue color
Shorts with high or low waist black / light blue color

Leather skinny pants if you feel comfortable wearing these

Skirts and dresses:

Usual solid color skirts black / military / beige / pink etc
Simple everyday dresses of solid color. The type of dresses that you could wear with boots. Not evening dresses.

Coats and cloaks:

Long, solid colored, with belt, fitted


Simple high heels black / beige / gray / dark brown
Tennis shoes
Cowboy boots
Timberland boots
Dr Martens

To get a better understanding on how to combine this clothing just google “street style Freja Beha”

Or have a look at the sets I have prepared for you here:


Nails – natural looking, clean and tidy.
Don’t forget that some photos might be made with bare feet. So make sure nails both on hands and legs look pretty.