When you hear this name “Elise”, you can not help recalling the magical melody by Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise. Soft, astringent music envelops your mind and carries it away as it was a lost petal of cherry blossom. Vast vineyards, rose gardens, old cozy mansards pass your sight while you spin, and dance, and spin again, having no desire to stop even for a second.

A bagatelle is written in A minor, or La minor, like I prefer to say. And indeed, his Elise is a pure La, cherry blossom pink La, tender La. Most certainly she has light sun kissed hair, soft facial features and live, sparkling eyes. E-li-se. She dances in her white cute shoes, makes her pink lace dress fly like the wings of a butterfly and laughs with her musical voice.

This is how I see Elise who lives in subtle, warm melodies of Beethoven. Gentle, careless, full of life. Elise… This kind of girl I imagine in those rare moments when my hearing manages to catch such a unique name – Elise from somebody’s talks.

Whether the name “Elise” is rare for Ireland, I have no idea. But checking my mail box for new e-mails and finding a letter from some Elise Brennan, who wanted to book a date for her photo shoot, I have noticed that I paid a little more attention to the potential client than I should. I got curious, what is she like, this Elise? Has she got something in common with the girl whose image Beethoven once managed to create so accurately?

We continued our correspondence via e-mail. While we were discussing mood boards, deciding on locations and choosing the right clothing, I could not stop wondering, who is she – Elise?

Time flew and in couple of weeks I found myself heading to the location we have chosen. A ponderous bag stuffed with all kinds of photo shoot equipment on my shoulders, a useless GPS in my pocket, a divine soft Beethoven’s in my head – I am on my way. I arrived half an hour earlier.

20 minutes more and she got there as well. What was she like?
Beautiful, that is of no doubt. Astonishingly charming. And… not a tiny bit like Elise I have imagined from the melody. Cheerful, energetic, temperamental – that is how I would describe modern Elise who was standing in front of me. Was I disappointed?

Reading. It follows us anywhere we go. We read at the subway to find some adventures on our way to work. We read at the queues to kill time with a beautiful story. We read in bed to relax after a hardworking day. We read to learn, to remember, to forget, to find new sensations, to escape…

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a person who has not read a single tiniest book in his life. It is one of the things you can not escape in modern society. Books have became an inseparable part of our existence.

But how often do we think about the person that stands behind our beloved stories, the author itself? Without even knowing us, he manages to awake a great spectrum of senses in our mind with only one word. In fear to be judged and misunderstood, the writer still shares his sacrament thoughts, beliefs and ideas with the readers. Nevertheless most of us rarely think about him.

Is not is fascinating to find out who exactly created your beloved piece of writing? What inspires him every day, where he gets inspiration for creating? Now it’s the time for you to get acquainted with one of the creators of such beautiful things as book.

Please meet Jax Miller, an author of “Freedom’s Child”, a writer and a beautiful person. Some time ago I had a pleasure to organize a photo shoot for this lovely lady. Today I would love to share her secrets with you.

As a tradition, to do this, I asked Jax to answer 39 questions from Proust questionnaire. A small reminder for you: The Proust Questionnaire is a questionnaire about one’s personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.

Time when blossoming flowers envelop you with the thinnest veil of divine fragrance, when every hidden corner of your soul glows with tenderness, and a sense of beauty awakens in your heart. Time, when first rays of sunshine gently share their warmth with your skin. Time, when with the last sounds of thunderstorm, cold winds abandon your city in defeat.

And one of the best time for filling your portfolio with gorgeous photos. This time Yvette Byrne – fashion and style blogger took me on a fascinating journey to the outback of Ireland. Funny where life brings you in this endless search of beauty.

When tourists come to visit Ireland, they usually stay in Dublin, attend a couple of city center pubs and go on some popular excursions. But Ireland is not just a place of pubs, green color and leprechauns, it is also a place of beautiful traditions, charming people and Celtic legends. And it is only true travelers that know where the heart of Ireland lives.

It lives in those tiny little villages that spread their roots far down the country. From the middle of the island, to the very sea, you will find vast a net of small towns and villages living their own unique life. Magical places, filled with small cozy houses, adorable rose gardens and good-hearted farmers.

A small village with poetic name - Ardattin is a part of Irish heart.

It welcomed us open-armed with fresh morning breeze and a sweet smell of blossoming cherry. Our shoes were gathering tiny drops of dew from the crispy grass, our hearts were beating fast in excitement.

The first person we were lucky to meet this day was Cookie – an old lady in a body of a proud, wise cat. Just like us, Cookie was enjoying this dazzling morning. First beams of warn sunshine made her eyes shine with a deep shade of green. She stopped, glared at us suspiciously for a minute, and deciding that we bring no danger to her, strolled towards us to greet her unexpected quests.

Cookie and Yve have been close friends for long long years. Cookie – a cat with mind and habits of a human. Yvette – a human with grace and mind of a cat. They always had an ability understand to each other from the first sight. And, if cats could speak, Cookie would tell us that they were more than friends, they were no less than sisters.

I believe there are two roads and an extra, whichever you take and at whatever time you start, doing what’s right will yield great results.

– Nita Roberts

– At the start of the month Nita, who is a stylist, got in touch with me…
No, not like that. Lets try again.
– Last month I was asked to make a photo shoot for a local stylist…
No, that does not work either. Damn. Okay, one more time.
– I met Nita, fashion and lifestyle Blogger and we instantly were connected and ready for the photo shoot!…
What a nightmare! Can anything be more trivial for a start of the post? All right, this time it will work. Just a bit more effort.
– This is chapter one of my series of posts, in which I will introduce my models to you. I’m so happy to introduce the beautiful Nita – a stylist…
Okay, okay! That is enough! There is no way there will be another one “I am a photographer and this is my photo shoot” post.

Not today, not at this blog.

Now, let’s rather do it my way and think a little bit. If the process of the photo shoot is not that interesting to read about, if details about photo shoot equipment do not matter to most viewers, what will be interesting? What will really matter?

Not another story about photographer himself, of course not. Not much will enjoy reading it, if it’s not about Mario Testino. What about a model herself? After all, she is the main part of the photo. And it does not matter if she is a celebrity or an aspiring model. She is still beautiful here and now. It would be nice to know her better, won’t it? Can we write about her?

Positive! There is even a way to do it interesting. But we will not manage without a little bit of help here.

Please meet Marcel Proust – a great french writer. Yes – yes, we have just been discussing photography and here the topic dramatically changes to writers, how outrageous! But wait for a moment, you will see the connection.

Marcel created a cool thing called Proust Questionnaire. According to almighty WikiPedia: “The Proust Questionnaire is a questionnaire about one’s personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.” Got the point? No, not yet?