7 posing tips from seven photographers

We all know what a hard task posing for a photo might be. Some of us can even write a couple of books in Stephen King’s style to describe all the horrors of finding themselves in front of the camera. We also know that in order to look good on photos you need to have at least a minimal knowledge about posing tips. I have surfed internet for couple of hours to gather a few random pieces of advice from different photographers on how to act and pose in different situations.

1. To get a good result from the model I try to get some real emotions from her. I frequently do personal photo shoots and every time I face the same trouble: models feel shy and have no clue how to work on camera. And I have to spend first 30-45 minutes making a model feel relaxed and calm in front of the lens.
For example, when I ask her to show me cheeky look and make a smirk, she begins to feel even more nervous because she does not understand how to do it properly.

To see live emotion on your models’ face, you need to make her experience the feeling she must show.

I start to give an example of the different situations which they represent. And then I get magnificent results.
I say something like “Imagine I have slept with your boyfriend, show me your face when you find this out. You are angry, you are ready to kill me with bare hands”. And here it comes – her eyes look daring, angry, a grin is seen appears her lips. Now it’s my time to choose the best angle and catch this emotion.

2. The main thing during professional photo shoot is to be yourself – do not try to play anything. The only chance to show a strong emotion is to feel it. If you play happiness – you should really be happy, for showing a tragedy – feel the tragedy burning deep on the inside. And another very important thing (though not every person has a gift to do it), try to see yourself with the eyes of other people, from another angle. Well, the last piece of advice – do not be afraid of the mirror and work on yourself and your facial expressions.

Professional model has to work according to the photo shoot conditions.

3. The main thing with posing on camera – to match the idea of the shoot. Professional model has to work according to the photo shoot conditions. When photographer needs an emotional photo – cry, laugh, be sad, show desperation. If the photo shoot is made for a look book or online store – your personality should be hidden, here the main point is to make clothing look great. If we are talking about personal photo shoot – be yourself, act natural and enjoy the process.

4. As for professional models and bloggers, do not try to be beautiful and sophisticated. Avoid common poses that are advised so frequently by so many average photographers. By the way, in modern fashion photography the more unexpected and spontaneous your body and face looks, the better. Of course, good photographers have stopped using common poses ages ago. Unnatural twists and awkward body positions are no longer interesting. I advice you to look for inspiration in fashion magazines and try to work more in front of the mirror.


5. Once, after during the whole day photo shooting about 50 models, I got a thought. I have learned something not only for myself, but also for sharing with models. First – understand why you want a photo shoot done for you and what goals do you want to achieve. Secondly – during all the time of the photo shoot you should be relaxed and get pleasure from the process. Do not stand like a piece of wood waiting for instructions on how to stand, what to do and how fast your heart should beat.

Dance, dance!

6. Live photos are always appreciated much more than staged. Therefore it is best to pose dancing. Send all your problems to hell, do not think about anything negative, only positive attitude. More alive movements, more smiles in the pictures, there is nothing better than this!

7. To pose properly you need to stop posing. Of course it is subjective term and everything depends on the particular case. To be quite honest, when I myself read “expert” opinions on posing techniques, I do not see anything but useless material in lots of letters. It is impossible to explain everything in a few words. And therefore I will tell this: the most important thing in posing is to be sincere, do not hesitate and enjoy the process. You should love what you are doing and enjoy every second of work.

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