Basic rules each aspiring model should know

Dear aspiring model, now you are making your first steps to he fashion world. You are beautiful and full of motivation. But do not forget that beauty is not enough. A good model is not just a nice body and beautiful face. Good model is someone who possesses the ability to pose, act and enjoy the work in any situation. At the end each client wants to see a perfect photo and he does not care what you had to do to achieve that result.

Moreover, in your work as a model you should not and you can not rely in everything on your photographer. Photographer can not take care of your body instead of you, photographer can not be relaxed instead of you and it is not the photographer who will pose instead of you.
In fact, at the beginning of your modelling career you will hardly find the photographer that will help you anyhow with posing.
Therefore, to get the perfect photo, you need to know and use multiple rules.

Trust your photographer

You need to feel your photographer. Only after listening to his suggestions and advice, you can choose the best way to have a photo shoot done. He is working in this industry for much longer time and in some points he knows it better. You have chosen your photographer because you liked his style. If you change everything about it with your suggestions, you may not get the same high quality photos as you see in his portfolio.

Behave naturally

Behave easy in front of the camera. No need to look directly into the lens or smile with all your teeth all the time, do it when photographer asks you to. Also it is important not to force any emotions. Show live emotions and photographer will catch the right moment. In this case, the photo will be fresh, attractive and sparkling, which is so important in modeling industry.

It’s all about the face

Facial expressions are extremely important. To make a successful picture, you should interact with your viewer. Work on your face expressions every day. If you are able to show any emotions any time, which is necessary for every photo, any photographer will be happy to work with you. Because the ability to switch fast between emotions and look natural is extremely valuable for every client. That is why even if the model is slim, amazingly beautiful she will bore anyone with monotonous boring face expression.

Transfer according to the type of the shoot

It matters a lot what kind of photos you are shooting with the photographer. Advertising, look book, fashion, commercial – they all differ a lot. And when at some photos the model is required to show the personality, on others, like look book photo shoots, all personal emotions should be hidden, and all attention should be given to the clothes. To pick the relevant emotion, study the purpose of the shoot beforehand. In that case you will have enough time to prepare emotions and poses. The purpose of the model is to draw the viewer’s attention to the photo. The one who looks at the picture should be interested not only in the model but also in the idea and objects.

Stay respectful no matter what

To make a photo look good regardless location and idea of the shoot, the model should stay in a good mood. Even if you do not like the idea or members of the team, act professional. Nobody will be happy to see your bad mood during the shoot. Show your best in any situation. It might turn our bad if you spoil your relationships with the photographer or make up artist. You never know who their friends are. What if it is an editor of Vogue? One wrong word can close the door to your fashion future.

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