Heart of Ireland: Photoshoot in a magical place called Ardattin

Time when blossoming flowers envelop you with the thinnest veil of divine fragrance, when every hidden corner of your soul glows with tenderness, and a sense of beauty awakens in your heart. Time, when first rays of sunshine gently share their warmth with your skin. Time, when with the last sounds of thunderstorm, cold winds abandon your city in defeat.

And one of the best time for filling your portfolio with gorgeous photos. This time Yvette Byrne – fashion and style blogger took me on a fascinating journey to the outback of Ireland. Funny where life brings you in this endless search of beauty.

When tourists come to visit Ireland, they usually stay in Dublin, attend a couple of city center pubs and go on some popular excursions. But Ireland is not just a place of pubs, green color and leprechauns, it is also a place of beautiful traditions, charming people and Celtic legends. And it is only true travelers that know where the heart of Ireland lives.

It lives in those tiny little villages that spread their roots far down the country. From the middle of the island, to the very sea, you will find vast a net of small towns and villages living their own unique life. Magical places, filled with small cozy houses, adorable rose gardens and good-hearted farmers.

A small village with poetic name - Ardattin is a part of Irish heart.

It welcomed us open-armed with fresh morning breeze and a sweet smell of blossoming cherry. Our shoes were gathering tiny drops of dew from the crispy grass, our hearts were beating fast in excitement.

The first person we were lucky to meet this day was Cookie – an old lady in a body of a proud, wise cat. Just like us, Cookie was enjoying this dazzling morning. First beams of warn sunshine made her eyes shine with a deep shade of green. She stopped, glared at us suspiciously for a minute, and deciding that we bring no danger to her, strolled towards us to greet her unexpected quests.

Cookie and Yve have been close friends for long long years. Cookie – a cat with mind and habits of a human. Yvette – a human with grace and mind of a cat. They always had an ability understand to each other from the first sight. And, if cats could speak, Cookie would tell us that they were more than friends, they were no less than sisters.

Not being a great fan of cuddling, Cookie left us for a better pastime – playing with a ladybug. We have not stayed alone for too long. In a few minutes after our arrival, all united family poured out of the house to greet us with sincere smiles and warm hugs.

You will hardly meet that kind of families anywhere near Dublin.
They live peacefully in the quiet corners of Irish countrysides.

Those families will remind you of a great organism. Parents are the heart of the organism – they provide warmth and strength for the whole body. Sons are playing a part of strong muscles – they support the work of the whole system. Daughters are the face of it – they show the beauty of their family to the whole world.

As soon as Yvette introduced me to each member of the huge family, we moved further in our search for beautiful photo shoot places. An alcove attached to the house turned out to be one of them. Half made of glass, it let so much light inside the place and looked so inspiring, that Claude Monet could easily set himself a studio there.

At the end of the day, when sun refused to stay awake any longer, we had to finish the photo shoot. Yve and I ponderously fell on the fluffy pillows at the alcove, exhausted but happy with photos. Remarkable, how you never seem to notice the flow of time, when you are engaged in any sort of enjoyable activity. We have spent the rest of the evening reasoning about fashion, discussing poetry and talking about art. Cookie also came to join us in our discussion.

We left Byrnes and Ardattin when it was late night.

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