Step by step instruction: getting ready for a photoshoot

Withthout further ado, I will take the bull by the horns and will share the greatest secret wisdom with you – 50% the of result of any photo shoot depends on the right preparation. And here follows the second discovery as well – the result of the photo shoot depends not only on the photographer, but also on yourself. Unexpected, right?

Therefore, it is important just to scroll down briefly looking through information, but also to take into account the post below. After all, I have not written that post just because I had nothing to do.


1. Study the poses

It especially concerns you if you are not a professional model. Photographer can not pose instead of you. And it is impossible to fix everything in Photoshop. Yes, your photographer will do his/her best to help you pose properly. But it will not help if you have not prepared beforehand. And looking like a Greek goddess will not help if you can’t pose. You should feel confidence in what you are doing. Each part of your body has to show it.
Otherwise you might get photos where you will look like a wooden doll.

How to do it:

1. Have a look at some posing techniques for beginners. This might help you understand what to expect and how to prepare.
2. If you do not like reading piles of information, go to YouTube. Have a look at how such models as Coco Rocha and Tyra Banks pose.
3. Train in front of the mirror. The best way to do it is to pose naked. Why? Because you’ll have no pockets or folds to hide your hands into and because you will see what exact poses suit best for your body type.

2. Choose the style

Before the photo shoot it is important to decide what exact result you want to achieve. Whether it will be romantic photos in nice dresses or more of a hard rock style with leather pants and motorcycles.
Make some research, prepare mood boards and do not forget to share the ideas with your photographer.
But be sensible about your ideas. It is obvious that it is impossible to achieve the same New York styled photo with skyscrapers and traffic at Dublin with its small buildings.

How to do it:

1. Have a look at the article on how to get cool photo shoot ideas. It contains dozens of tips and will work much better than Pinterest.
2. Get inspired by your favorite book characters, or that wonderful movie you saw a week ago, or that amusing video clip that is now on TV.
3. Before discussing everything with your photographer, ask yourself:  where you will get the clothing? Who will make you that hair style? What places are you going to use for locations? How will you get there?

3. Take care of your body

Well, from these endless posts on endless tips we all  already know that at least three days  before the shoot you need to get enough sleep and not to drink alcohol and avoid eating salty food. Cause you do not want to look on forty when you are only twenty, do you?  None of us wants of course.
But somehow these tips do not always help. Why? Because it is not enough. You still have your nails, hair and skin to look after. To look good on photos you have to take care of yourself. And that should be done at least a week before the shoot.

How to do it:

1. Dear ladies, please wax, or at least shave your body before the shoot. It might be a deep shock, but you have hairs not only on your legs. They are on your arms, and even on your face. Yes, even if you are blond. They are still seen on every photo.
2. Clean your nails. It is a simple thing to do. Nobody asks you to get an expensive manicure, just clean them. Yes, even if you are a man.  Can you imagine how gross it is to Photoshop all these dirty, stubby nails with cracked nail polish? It also takes lots of time on post production.



4. Do not overdo

Okay, you are trying hard to prepare for the shoot. You have already chosen the style and place. Your nails are perfect and not a single hair can be found on your upper lip.
What’s left? Applying some fake tan, coloring the hair and making your lips a bit bigger?
NO! Not at all!
These are the worst things you can do in your preparations. Never, even on the pain of death do it.

How not to do it:

1. Do NOT apply fake tan. It leaves yellowish spots on your skin and looks like you have a disease. If you want to look tanned on the photo, tell it to your photographer, he/she will apply a beautiful natural tan effect to your photos on post production stage. It will take less effort than editing your spotty skin.
2.  Do NOT use lip plumper tool. It leaves ugly spots around your lips. Even if you do not notice them in real life, they are seen very well on photos. Ask your photographer to make lips bigger if you want.



5. Make a plan

It is your photo shoot. And it is your responsibility to plan it properly. Photographer is an artist, he makes beautiful shots. He is not a manager to do everything for you.
You should work out locations, styles, clothing, etc. Your photographer can help you or give you an advice, but it does not mean everything will be done for you.
If everything is planned properly, you will feel yourself relaxed during the session and result will be fabulous.

How to do it:

1. Choose locations. Have a walk around the city. Pay attention to walls, backgrounds, places. Take photos of the locations on your phone to send them to your photographer. Decide where you will go first and second, how will you get there, etc.
2. Prepare several outfits to bring them with you. Try these outfits in front of the mirror. Pose wearing them, to make sure you like how they look. Do not bring your entire wardrobe hoping that you will decide what to wear during the shoot. There will be no time for it.

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