I believe there are two roads and an extra, whichever you take and at whatever time you start, doing what’s right will yield great results.

– Nita Roberts

– At the start of the month Nita, who is a stylist, got in touch with me…
No, not like that. Lets try again.
– Last month I was asked to make a photo shoot for a local stylist…
No, that does not work either. Damn. Okay, one more time.
– I met Nita, fashion and lifestyle Blogger and we instantly were connected and ready for the photo shoot!…
What a nightmare! Can anything be more trivial for a start of the post? All right, this time it will work. Just a bit more effort.
– This is chapter one of my series of posts, in which I will introduce my models to you. I’m so happy to introduce the beautiful Nita – a stylist…
Okay, okay! That is enough! There is no way there will be another one “I am a photographer and this is my photo shoot” post.

Not today, not at this blog.

Now, let’s rather do it my way and think a little bit. If the process of the photo shoot is not that interesting to read about, if details about photo shoot equipment do not matter to most viewers, what will be interesting? What will really matter?

Not another story about photographer himself, of course not. Not much will enjoy reading it, if it’s not about Mario Testino. What about a model herself? After all, she is the main part of the photo. And it does not matter if she is a celebrity or an aspiring model. She is still beautiful here and now. It would be nice to know her better, won’t it? Can we write about her?

Positive! There is even a way to do it interesting. But we will not manage without a little bit of help here.

Please meet Marcel Proust – a great french writer. Yes – yes, we have just been discussing photography and here the topic dramatically changes to writers, how outrageous! But wait for a moment, you will see the connection.

Marcel created a cool thing called Proust Questionnaire. According to almighty WikiPedia: “The Proust Questionnaire is a questionnaire about one’s personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.” Got the point? No, not yet?

Working as a photographer or an artist always means playing races with your artistic crisis. At some point or another your brain gets lazy, your mind shuts down and here he comes in all his might and power – the Crisis. He might come exactly at the time when you have to add couple of bright shots to your portfolio, when your client is waiting for you to share your incredible photo shoot mood bards with him, when you have already promised to show couple of sketches to your model. But Mr Crisis knows no mercy, feels no compassion, he does not care that you have lots of work to be done.

What to do with it? How to destroy that heartless bastard? Where to find ideas for a photo shoot when Mr Crisis has hurled out all your own thoughts, leaving your mind totally blank.

Go surfing!

No, you are not going the to beach somewhere at the sunny coast of California, you are going to Google – your hero, your lifebuoy in that ocean of ennui. It seem to sound like a really good thought! Google will save you, google will definitely help! When you have no concepts for a shoot, you can always google some, can’t you?
Not so fast! You open first couple of links from first articles on “photoshoot ideas” topics and you see this:

Withthout further ado, I will take the bull by the horns and will share the greatest secret wisdom with you – 50% the of result of any photo shoot depends on the right preparation. And here follows the second discovery as well – the result of the photo shoot depends not only on the photographer, but also on yourself. Unexpected, right?

Therefore, it is important just to scroll down briefly looking through information, but also to take into account the post below. After all, I have not written that post just because I had nothing to do.


1. Study the poses

It especially concerns you if you are not a professional model. Photographer can not pose instead of you. And it is impossible to fix everything in Photoshop. Yes, your photographer will do his/her best to help you pose properly. But it will not help if you have not prepared beforehand. And looking like a Greek goddess will not help if you can’t pose. You should feel confidence in what you are doing. Each part of your body has to show it.
Otherwise you might get photos where you will look like a wooden doll.

How to do it:

1. Have a look at some posing techniques for beginners. This might help you understand what to expect and how to prepare.
2. If you do not like reading piles of information, go to YouTube. Have a look at how such models as Coco Rocha and Tyra Banks pose.
3. Train in front of the mirror. The best way to do it is to pose naked. Why? Because you’ll have no pockets or folds to hide your hands into and because you will see what exact poses suit best for your body type.

Dear aspiring model, now you are making your first steps to he fashion world. You are beautiful and full of motivation. But do not forget that beauty is not enough. A good model is not just a nice body and beautiful face. Good model is someone who possesses the ability to pose, act and enjoy the work in any situation. At the end each client wants to see a perfect photo and he does not care what you had to do to achieve that result.

Moreover, in your work as a model you should not and you can not rely in everything on your photographer. Photographer can not take care of your body instead of you, photographer can not be relaxed instead of you and it is not the photographer who will pose instead of you.
In fact, at the beginning of your modelling career you will hardly find the photographer that will help you anyhow with posing.
Therefore, to get the perfect photo, you need to know and use multiple rules.

Trust your photographer

You need to feel your photographer. Only after listening to his suggestions and advice, you can choose the best way to have a photo shoot done. He is working in this industry for much longer time and in some points he knows it better. You have chosen your photographer because you liked his style. If you change everything about it with your suggestions, you may not get the same high quality photos as you see in his portfolio.

Behave naturally

Behave easy in front of the camera. No need to look directly into the lens or smile with all your teeth all the time, do it when photographer asks you to. Also it is important not to force any emotions. Show live emotions and photographer will catch the right moment. In this case, the photo will be fresh, attractive and sparkling, which is so important in modeling industry.