The art of Posing: Body language


Full length photos is essential part of any model portfolio. Do not forget about it while working with your photographer. These shots help your potential customers to review all your posing abilities and to see the whole range of skills in posing.
However each model faces a hard task here – how to pick the right pose to show all the advantages of your body and to hide any shortcomings you might have and also to make a beautiful picture that will impress even the grumpiest customer.

If you do not remember lost of interesting poses, it is advised to use classical ones.

They have not let anyone down so far. Such as turning your head to the camera while turning your hips away from it. These classical poses work for most photo shoots:

However if you aim to get higher and get to real fashion, you should be brave. Nobody likes to work with “wooden” models. It is impossible to make something interesting when your model is closed, shy and insecure.

Confidence is the only thing you need to do it well.

If you have no inner confidence, fake it. You, just like your photographer, need unique material. Fashion magazines are tired of cheesy poses. Nowadays the aesthetic of the random moment is what really matters. The mode unexpected your body looks on the shot – the better.
Here is the another one secret from professional models – do not be afraid to look foolish. Dance, laugh, jump, have fun, take some weird poses and you will stand out.

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