The art of Posing: face & emotions

Portrait is the best known and commonly used type of photo shoots. It should be in every portfolio of both aspiring and professional models. On portrait photo, face and shoulders of the model are the main parts.

Most people think that portrait is the most basic type of photography, and, therefore special skills are not required for nice results. If you think so, you are seriously mistaking.

In order to achieve an interesting, and most importantly professional image, you need to remember and use important skills and right pose during a photo shoot.

If the position of your head does not matter for photographer, then it is better to do less full-face shots (when you are looking straight to the camera). Only exotic make up and spectacular emotion makes the straight-to-the-camera pose look interesting, in other cases the image may look boring. If you turn your head slightly to the side at the angle of 3/4 or so to the camera, then the picture will become not just interesting, but the expression of your face will look more interesting because of the lighting pattern. This seemingly simple position of your head adds interest and intrigue to your photo.

It should be remembered that shoulders should be kept relaxed during the shoot. Do not place your shoulders looking straight to the camera. Remember the principle of asymmetry.

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