The art of Posing: Hands & fingers

Give hands and fingers particular attention to. As their position is very important, they should look as natural as possible. From basic “hand rules” remember that you should not point your hands straight to the camera, do not squeeze your fingers into fists as it gives the impression that model has no fingers at all.

It is better to fix your hands in one position and change them slightly with every next shot. Nevertheless do not use the same position of hands for each photo. In every pose your hands should be maximum relaxed, that is how you will get a natural photo.

There is a secret that professional models use: they fix their hands in slightly assimetrical way. For example, if one hand hangs in natural way, the other one should be put on the hip.
Avoid poses where hands are pressed to the body, especially if hands are dropped down. In this case, the model will not seem as slender and sophisticated as she looks.

Personal advice from me is this: refer to the history, or rather to the history of art. Painters, sculptors, artists have spent ages trying to give hands of their models that sophisticated beautiful look.
Look closely at the way the fingers are placed, where the models put their hands, how they put them. Try to recreate the “hand poses” they are doing.

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  • Steph J
    5 years ago

    Awesome. Thank you so much for the tips! Can’t wait to use them at my next shoot 😉

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