The art of Posing: sitting techniques

Do not think that it is easier to pose sitting than standing.
In this pose it is more complicated to get an interesting fascinating photo. But if you follow these simple tips, you will easily refresh your portfolio with some sitting photos.

The first thing you should keep in mind – your back. It should make a straight line, even if you are asked to lean forward slightly. Imagine that you have a string attached to your spine and it pules you up like a puppet. Yes, in some poses it is not necessary, but most of them will look much better if you have a straight back. If your photographer want to get a relaxed male-like pose, he will tell you.


Any models are afraid that their hips look fat when they sit down. To avoid getting additional kilograms on photos, it is enough to sit a bit sideways and move all your weight on the hip that is closest to the camera. Another trick – put the weight on your legs on toes, so the foot gets a little raised, and therefore looks slimmer.

If you are sitting on a stool or chair, try to use it in unusual way. Do not sit on it like in an office. Remember the times of being a teenager, be a rebel. Choose relaxed sitting poses. Spin the chair, sit at the top of the sofa, be open to experiments.

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