Posing Techniques: Guide for Beginners

You are a beginner in modelling and you are very interested in how do people make all these magnificent photos for fashion magazines. This writing should help you understand some moments about posing for the camera. You will know how to stand, how to hold your head, what to do with your legs and arms.

For aspiring model the main goal of the beginning of her way is to get a model portfolio based on which model agencies and clients will make a decision – to sign or not to sign. And here many young models are wondering – how to pose for the photo session to make your photos stand out?

1. Lets start with best poses ever to look good breathing. Yes, you need to breathe the right way when you find yourself in front of the camera.
No need to hold your breath while having a photo shoot. When you hold your breath, photos look unnatural, tense and awkward. If sounds obvious, but still even some of professional models suffer this bad habit. Professional models use a very interesting trick for this:

During the shoot breathe with your mouth, not with your nose.

This will create effect of excitement on the picture. You will look relaxed, natural and sexy all at the same time. Easy, is not it? And very effective at the same time.


If you can not stand properly as photographer requested, then it’s not your pose. Do not stand in poses that give you feeling of discomfort.

Stop forcing your body take a certain position.

If you feel comfortable in your pose, you will look confident on the photo. The best way to get interesting poses is to dance.
Yes, let yourself have some fun. Forget about all troubles, forget about people around you and dance.
Best poses are the ones that are made in movement.
If you have seen a cool pose in some magazine and you want to achieve the same result, use the mirror. Spend some time practicing and no extra efforts will have to be done during the shoot.

Do not go from one extreme to the other.

To help your photographer catch this “ideal moment” do not make poses that are totally different from each other. No doubt, your body should look different all the time to give photographer a choice, but it is enough to change only one or two elements for each next click of a button. For example: turn your head – click – change your hips – click – change your leg position – click – your hands and head.

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