Save money on photographer, yea or nay?

We all want to get the best. And we all deserve the best of course. But is it possible to get the best at the low price, or at least affordable may be? I would say it is. Not every time, but if it concerns some services like photography, everything is possible. You only need to know how to do it.

And here lets start from the reason why you have decided to hire a professional photographer. Possibly it happened because you are tired of asking your friends to take photos of you, or may be you want to picture a memorable moment of your life. Or may be you want to enjoy the way you look on photos and stop wondering why all these kilograms that don’t really exist in reality, somehow with inexplicable metamorphosis appear on the photo with one click of a button. And may be the whole thing is that you do not feel yourself confident enough in front of the camera and the only thing that comes to your mind while being in front of the lens is to make a foolish face expression?

Either way, the desire to be in front of the lens of a professional photographer is final and you begin to storm google and instagram for your perfect match. But is it that easy? You look through hundreds, thousands of photos and websites of all photographers of your city.

Considering the fact that everyone who has a camera is a photographer now, do not be surprised that you head gets swollen after looking through the endless mass of diverse photos.

You can spend several hours just trying to find anyone whose photos are not bad. And of course there is only a small bunch of people that really draw your attention to their work.
You are terribly lucky if the photographer that caught your attention and whose works touched the strings of your soul, asks an average price that you are ready to pay for his services. But what if the price for a work of a master with such experience, style and level of shooting does not fit well into your budget?

And here you are: frustrated, disappointed and sad. You are closing the page of your “perfect match” and try to find someone who will catch your eye in a new pile of endless photographer pages, while mentally going back to the chosen one, whose works left a trace in your memory.

Finally you find him. An average photographer with average portfolio and an “okay photos” that you will easily afford. Lets stop here and think properly. Do you really need pictures that will differ only slightly from the ones you are able to do yourself?

Is it worth it – spending a small, but still a significant amount of money for something that will not bring you pleasure? Do you really want to spend it on an average photographer? This may sound corny, but good high quality can not be sold by cheap rates. It happens that our word works like this.

Believe me, the joy from saving money by hiring a bad photographer will not last long, but the photos that you get will remain with you forever. So is it necessary to pay for another portion of average material?
You will look at these pictures for a couple of times before they are hidden for ages somewhere at your hard drive or family album and will not affect any neuron of your memory.

So does it worth it, choosing a photographer by his pricing?  Not at all. And that is definitely not the right way to save your money on photographer here, in Dublin or anywhere else in the world.

But how to do it properly then? You are right. Perhaps, it’s enough philosophy. It’s time to move to concrete recommendations on how to save on your photographer and not to screw up. You will find information about how to save money on photographer and how to get a cheap professional photographer in Dublin at my next article – save money on a photshoot.


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