How to save money on the photographer?

How exactly to save money on photographer?

First of all remember that it is not a “how to get a photographer for almost free” post. It is a post that might help you to get some discount on professional services. Photographers are people too and they also have their expenses. Just like you they need to buy food, pay rent, get new equipment etc. The most important thing you have to realize is that making beautiful photos takes time and a lot of effort from each photographer. So please be realistic.

You will not get a five-thousand-euro fee down to two thousand.

In our previous post we have been discussing whether it is worth saving money on photographer or no.  Let’s do some research, shall we? Now imagine there are two photographers – Mike and Alison. Mike’s work is three time cheaper than Alison’s, but his work does not make your heart beat faster.
Just the time to figure out what packages will both photographers provide you. It might happen that Mike will be happy to give you all 100 photos from your photo shoot without filtering, deleting or editing any of the photos, while Alison will give you 15 photos, but she will work hard on each shot, carefully choosing the perfect moments.

We have figured out the first point – packages and number of photos. And the result promises to be more or less adequate. Now it is time to talk about creative part of the process. After all, the technique and good post production is only a small part of successful photo. All the rest is the ability to catch the right moment, to take shots from interesting angles and to see beautiful lighting – this what makes difference between average and good photographer.

Remember – the main thing is quality, not quantity.

We still remember that Alison for us is “oh wow” and Mike is “well, okaaay”. If you are facing a dilemma – to get two hours photo shoot with Alison or four with Mike, do not hesitate to choose Alison. During these two hours she will do everything in the best way.

I will tell you the most sacrament secret, but don’t share it with anyone, okay?

Any photographer gets tired of monotonous same style photo shoots.

So think, what interesting and unusual you can suggest to the photographer? May be you know a friend that owns a high fashion boutique and will lend you clothing for a shoot. Do you have access to the unusual beautiful places of your city? Are you a guy with really really long hair? Or may be you dance ballet and can make beautiful poses that no one else does. Or you have a car and you are willing to drive the team to the other end of the country for getting picturesque views?
In general, can you offer anything that goes outside usual frames of photo shoots?
The main point – interest. And then the photographer in Dublin by low price is youth.

To get a discount from the professional photographer you can promise (and of course bring your promise to life) something that will help to promote your photographer. We are not talking about “publicity” like posting something in your personal blog that has about 30 readers or telling about the shoot to all your friends. We are talking about serious promotions, such as publishing photographer’s photo in magazine or a newspaper. May be your aunt owns one, or your dad is the chief editor of some popular edition. Advertise your photographer, placing several of his photos into the fresh issue. There is a mass of options. The main principle here is effective business to business cooperation.

Suggest him a “bring a friend” offer. No secret to anyone that you get good discounts at wholesales. Why not take advantage of this possibility to get a discount from your photographer? Bring him a couple of clients and he will be glad to make the price lower for you.
But don’t forget to make sure that your friends are responsible people that will not cancel at the last moment. In that case you might spoil relationships between you forever.

Do not hesitate to communicate with the photographer. Tell him about your budget and ask what he can offer for it. Make your own special package. May be you do not need to pay for extra editing or hiring a studio for extra hour?Send him photos for your mood board. Who knows, it might happen that at this exact moment he is thinking to update his portfolio with something like that.

As you can see,saving money on the photographer is possible, though not always easy. Just stay polite, respectful and suggest something that might cause interest. And in that case you might easily find a professional photographer in Dublin or any other place of the world for a fair price.


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