That annoying Time For Print

Ipersonally loathe the name “TFP”. First of all, because it is way too outdated (well, time for PRINT,really?), secondly, it got used so often by so many low quality photographers that now it is more like a swear word: “your photos look just like it was a TFP shoot”.

In one way or another, almost every photographer had to face with the fun concept of TFP shoots, and what’s more funny – to deal with this concept.

I am not a super cool photographer to which beautiful models with marble skin run in batches. Moreover, even modeling agencies do not always agree to provide me their fresh faces for free shoots for my portfolio. This is understandable, there are photographers that make much better photos than I do and I have something to strive for. I am aware of that an I understand that.

But even though professional models are not yet ready to sell their souls and dignity to get my photos, from time to time (in fact quiet often) I get messages from most ordinary people suggesting themselves as a model for TFP photo shoot.

I remember how excited I was at the very beginning (I believe that I am still somewhere at the beginning) of my way when even the most ordinary looking person wrote me a message suggesting himself as a model for s free photo shoot. To be quiet honest, my photos were horrible at that time. And like each foolish beginner I agreed with uncovered happiness for almost every suggestion. Yes, I was a slutographer. I took every opportunity to learn, create and get knowledge.

But you can not escape working for free because you have to build your first portfolio somehow. If you are a photographer that only starts, I advise you to be very careful with choosing models even for TFP photo shoots. Because most of them will be really annoying. It have not passed me without leaving any trace and in most cases it will not pass you just like that. And even now I remember some really stupid,annoying things that each typical TPF model said. Here are some types of messages I used to receive and I still receive now from time to time:

– Your camera makes me fat. In reality I am on 10 kilograms slimmer.

– I need all 500 photos from the shoot, when will you give them to me? Can you send them tomorrow? I do need them ASAP!

– Why does it take so long to send me the photos? I have been waiting for two days already!!! Is it so hard just to edit all of them and send me?

– Make me a TFP photo shoot. It will not cost you anything anyway.

– I am actually not going to pay for a photo shoot. I have no ideas so far and I am not shooting nude in any case at all. But call me back when you figure something out for me

– I want a nude photo shoot for free, can we do this? But please don’t show these photos to anyone at all

– I want you to be my photographer. I can not spend money on photos now! Can you make them to me for free?

– My weight is only 57 kilograms, can I count on you in organizing me a TFP shoot?

– Hi, I am an aspiring model. I want a TPF shoot done. Will be waiting for your ideas.

– What?! Why have you sent me only 10 photos?!! I thought you will send me everything from the shoot!!!!

– Hi, I bought cool dress yesterday at Penneys, will you make me a photo shoot? I also have red hills for it!

– Why do I have to pay to MUA? I can make my make up myself not worse!

– Who is the photographer here/ you or me? Organize something cool for me!

– I have not seen you posting my photos on your facebook page. Why you have not still posted them there?

– I have angel wings and a ballet dress. When are we doing TFP?

– Your photos are cool! Write me when you want to organize a photo shoot for me

– Hi, I am an aspiring model. Do you want to have a TFP tomorrow?

– Tell me how to stand, I do not know how to do it.

– Hey, how are you? Lets go for a walk today, the weather is so sunny. Oh will you take your camera with you?

– I know how to Photoshop a little, so what if you send me photos and I will edit them myself?

– Why do I look so ugly on photos?

– Do I have to pose myself or you will do everything for me?

– Make me photos in Twilight style!

– Will you create a look for me or I have to search for clothes myself?

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